Our aim is to create and help establish market – leading brands,

brands that stand out for their unique aesthetics and become symbols of modern lifestyle, in a nutshell...

Brands consist of a set of intangible elements that connect with us emotionally

and rationally through experience in various points of contact.


Garamond design offers a full package of branding services including:


> Defining your brand’s “core” elements and developing a suitable branding strategy

> Creating and managing a successful brand identity

> Developing brand architecture and applications

> Designing and managing brand consumer experiences in point-of-sale

   and other consumer touch points

our story

Every step along our journey,

sets a keystone for our future



1993: Garamond design is founded, as a joint venture of two companies owned

by Vangelis Pispas and Chrysa Krokida. Its name comes from Claude Garamond,

a leading typeface designer of the 16th century who designed the first complete

Greek typeface known as “Les grecs du roi”.


1997: Significant investments in human resources and technical infrastructure are made.

The company grows its business potential and sets out to be one of the top branding

and design agencies in Greece.


2010: Garamond becomes a founding member of the “Council of Branding and Design”

of the Hellenic Association of Communication Agencies, aiming to proactively assist

in promoting and advancing the sector's role within the marketing industry


  •                   branding

    In our approach creativity comes hand in hand with a sound factual analysis. We will thoroughly look into the client’s brief, analyze the situation, provide and test various execution options. From this on, we will develop a brand identity that not only stands out in the crowd and is visually compelling but also fits your strategy and goals.

    1. Brand Strategy

    >  Brand Analysis (the brand, the competitors, the environment)

    > Brand Positioning (where does the brand fit in its market, what is its USP)

    >  Brand Core Elements (vision, mission, values, promise)

    >  Brand Architecture (where and how does the brand fit within the brand/product portfolio)


    2. Nomenclature

    >  Brand/Product Naming (key - secondary brand names)

    >  Nomenclature Systems

    >  Tagline

    >  Brand Messaging and Tone of Voice


    3. Visual Identity

    >  Logo design

    >  Key accompanying visuals to create the brand’s whole “look and feel”


    4. Applications

    >  Packaging Form - Structure Design and Packaging Design

    >  Corporate / Product Identity Applications (stationary, websites, publications, presentations,

        other print or electronic communications).

    >  Branded Environment (Stores and other Point-of-Sale, Interiors, Exhibitions and Trade Shows,

        Signage Systems and other applications)


    5. Brand Management

    >  Development of brand guidelines and codes to ensure ongoing consistency and quality of the brand



  •                   print communications

    Print communications continues to be one of the major touch-points between a brand and its target audience. Garamond design develops print applications which will communicate your brand’s essence

    in a simple, powerful and effective manner.


    >     Print advertising campaigns (concept, strategy, implementation)

    >     Concept and supporting print communications for Public Relations and

           Sales Promotions programs

    >     Print Advertisement Design

    >     Packaging Design (multi-packages, promotional packages, special / collector’s packages)

    >     Annual Reports

    >     Product Catalogues

    >     Newsletters

    >     Other support services (photo-shootings, styling, copy writing

           and editing, translations, photo editing etc.)

    >     Print production process supervision



  •                   interactive / digital

    Web marketing constitutes a key component in every successful brand’s marketing mix. We use modern design tools to develop creative, results-driven solutions

    which will boost your brand’s interaction with its audiences, building loyalty and growth.


    >  Website design and development

    >  E-publications

    >  Web marketing

    >  Multimedia applications

  •                   branded environments

    Successful brand communications often come in three dimensions.

    Garamond design offers a full portfolio of branded environment services

    helping you showcase your brand in space and create total brand experiences

    in the most engaging way.


    >  Retail Interior and Exterior Design (Space planning / signage / furniture)

    >  Exhibition and Events (Architecture and graphics)

    >  Points of Purchase

    >  Product Stand and Displays

our people

It is only people who create value



A key component in Garamond design’s success story has been its people.


Our creative team, combining marketing and design expertise, forms a cohesive group and has remained essentially unchanged throughout our journey.


Always up-to-date with the latest trends in arts and technology, our people exhibit a broad set of capabilities ranging from graphic, architectural and industrial product design to creative writing, print production technology and digital marketing.


Vangelis Pispas, Design Consultant

Chrysa Krokida, Design Consultant

Vicky Aggelopoulou, Design Head

Zissis Stavrou, Studio Head

Nikos Kesidis, Designer

Christina Vlaikoudi, Designer

Nikos Panagiotou, Designer

Vivi Batsouli, Accounts


our clients

We foster long - term business partnerships - the prerequisite for the creation of strong, time - enduring brands


Garamond design has collaborated with the biggest companies in the Greek market

and is also active in Cyprus and Bulgaria. With all our clients we enjoy strong,

long-standing relationships based on trust and mutual benefit.


Key clients include:


Advance Pharmacies / Amvyx (Serkova, Sabuca di Patrone, Campari) /

Axxon Bulgaria (Jivaeri, Event, Verite) / W.S. KAROULIAS (wine portfolio) /

Coca Cola 3E (Amita motion, Frulite, Frulite on the go, Avra water, Amita Frooties, Amita Classic, Waterblue, Lyttos water) / Credin Hellas (Morfat, Perla Salt, Bakery and Confectionary products) /

DELTA FOODS (DELTA fresh milk, Small Family Farms dairy products, mmmmilk, Cow Yogurt,

Advance, Steps, Daily, Smart, Goat Milk, Vitaline, Natural) / Elmi Systems (CASIO, Proline) /

Hellenic Gyros / Union of Winemaking Cooperatives of Samos (UWCS) /

Eureka (Homecare Products) / European Reliance Asset Management / Ferrero /

Goody’s - Everest (Goody’s Burger House, Flocafe Espresso Room / La Pasteria) /

Henkel Hellas (Dixan, Neomat) / ION / Sales Promotions Center / Lanitis Bros (Lanitis juices,

Dairy Cream Lanitis) / Lidl Hellas / Mills of Crete / Sarantis (Trylet, Prosar, Afroso) / Plias (Papoutsanis) / Jacobs Douwe Egberts (Douwe Egberts / La Meloise) / Tetteris Distillery /

United Milk Company Bulgaria (Vereia, Fibella) / Western Union / Ydrogios Insurance

design review

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Email                 design@garamond.gr

Founding member of the council of branding & design of the Hellenic Association of Communication Agencies

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